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Eggplant relish by Colleen

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16601674_1366345773411454_7803489609120703209_oFresh from my garden in Sydney to the table and pantry, this eggplant and lemon relish is tasty and simple. It felt wonderful to be creating something from seed to plant. Harvesting it was like bottling sunshine. Recipe shortly.


Author: tummyluv

I am the eternal searcher, I love learning new techniques and subjects. I have changed careers several times in this incarnation and will probably change it several more times before I depart this not so mortal coil. I am fascinated by any thing new (or old that is new again) but I am absolutely smitten with the idea that everyone should be able to eat well on a dime/ yen/ penny /.... you get the message. Just because you are lactose/fructose/ nut/ gluten intolerant does not mean that you cannot have a delightfully sinful treat or a nutritious meal on the table. This Blog is about some of my recipes that I am happy to share to assist the world in eating a better state.

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